Violence In the Workplace: Risk Mitigation

This 16-page booklet will help organizations gain a greater awareness of the multidisciplinary approach necessary for Active Shooter & Workplace Violence Risk Mitigation. Download the book now. No email required.

PSX invites organizations to download their free active shooter / workplace violence (AS / WV) resource entitled Violence In the Workplace: Risk Mitigation. PSX hopes this resource will help organizations develop the best possible risk mitigation plan for AS / WV incidents. The booklet features contributions from 6 experts integral to developing a risk mitigation plan.

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“Recent events have demonstrated that Active Shooter/Workplace Violence (AS/WV) incidents can happen anywhere at any time, to businesses large and small, with little notice or foreseeability,” Bryan M. Seigworth, Esq.

When I meet with business owners, educators, and facility managers, they often express the greatest amount of concern  about Active Shooter and Workplace Violence (AS / WV) incidents.  They ask lots of questions.

As a security systems integrator, it’s not surprising that the topic has become part of our regular discussion with our clients. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the broad variety of incidents that can be classified under the “active shooter / workplace violence” heading has risen since the year 2000.

However, to answer the questions that are raised, we have to recognize that this is a complex problem that requires a multidisciplinary approach.  We must also recognize that many of the managers and executives charged with building a security strategy do not have access to the necessary experts to ensure that strategy is broad enough. A complete strategy incorporates best practices from many functional areas to protect themselves, their employees, and their continuity of operations.

At PSX, we recognize that our security and control technologies are just one part of the puzzle, so we have invited experts from other fields to offer their thoughts on this very serious issue. In doing so, we hope to help you to build a more complete strategy to help you to protect your organization.

There is no way to eliminate the risk of an AS / WV incident, but that risk can be mitigated. We hope this resource will save you some time in developing the best possible plan.

Please contact me with any questions and download the “Active Shooter / Workplace Violence Risk Mitigation Booklet” using the form above.

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