ASIS 2017 Q&A

ASIS 2017 Q&A

Last week, a team of PSX Security Professionals attended the ASIS International 63rd Annual Seminar and Exhibit in Dallas, Texas.

Upon their return, we checked in with a Q&A session. Here’s what we learned:

Q: What new technology are you most excited about?

A: Artificial Intelligence and analytics in video. Facial recognition in access control.

A: I was really excited to see Hanwha’s new VMS, “Wave”.  It’s a variation of NxWitness, specially made for Hanwha by Network Optix, a familiar product that I’ve been thinking of adding to our line for a while.  It’s a great product for the mid-market user.  The interface really grabs you.  I think video security buyers will be happy with it.

A: Integrated analytics

A; Audio analytics and classification in cameras.  We can now use a camera to detect a scream, breaking glass, or even a gunshot.

We learned that some team members are not camera shy, especially when the ASIS Film Team sets up at ASIS17.

Q: What was the most shocking learning point/statistic you heard?

A: H.265 compression is now pretty mainstream in the enterprise space.

A: Cyber security is a serious never ending threat and the villains are pushing  100s of petabytes of data for attacks.

A: Was a bit shocked to find out about the new IDIS 4K PTZ with 650 foot IR.  Not sure how they kept that one under wraps, but it’s a powerful device.

A: There are a LOT of cameras out there with known cyber security holes in them, still being sold today.

Q: Memorable Moment/Quote/ Booth?

A: S2’s Unified Cockpit design was a simple idea, but I liked how calm it seemed.  They set up a single workstation that literally managed all the security management systems – including the variable message signs for emergency alerts – without looking away or moving a chair.  It showed that the security officer doesn’t have to feel overwhelmed.

A: George Bush speaking and Mark Cuban both highly educated on school of hard knocks, articulate and visionary.

A: Got to talk to a technical trainer who spent 25 years as a field technician.  He’s been a member of ASIS for roughly 30 years.  His most recent class was on setting up access control databases.  He said that when he got started in the business, you didn’t need to know very much, other than “how to wire a simple circuit, and how to fill out a time sheet”.

A: Genetec Mission Control

Our overall takeaway from ASIS17 is that there is new technology and advancements happening every day to improve security. PSX is dedicated to ensuring that your site is secure utilizing the latest technology that best suits your needs.

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