Avigilon Price Discount – H3 Cameras Nearly Half Off MSRP

Avigilon Price Discount – H3 Cameras Nearly Half Off MSRP


Avigilon Price Discount Event!

Most security professionals recognize Avigilon as one of the top brands in video surveillance.  Avigilon price points and technology – and thus, their sales numbers – are always very competitive.  Even for those without Avigilon’s strong market position, security systems providers are rarely able to make major price changes.  Price discounts usually happen over time, and only because volume increases.

Normally, PSX would never run an article about a price discount.

Today, something very different is happening:  The Avigilon Price Discount Event.  Since it’s rare to see Avigilon price discounts of any kind, here’s the big announcement…readers can judge for themselves whether it justifies an article and a special event:

The Avigilon Price Discount Event drops H3 cameras by as much as 48%!

Here’s what’s possible with the H3 line:

  • Imagers from 720p up to 5 megapixels.
  • Indoor and outdoor, dome and box.
  • Adaptive Infrared (IR).
  • LightCatcher low-light technology.
  • Motorized zoom and focus – remotely adjusted from Avigilon Control Center.
  • Even the Avigilon price points on H3A Self-Learning Analytics cameras have been discounted!

If you’re considering the purchase of a professional IP video surveillance system any time soon, be sure to Contact PSX to get more information on the biggest Avigilon Price Discount ever seen.

This adjustment won’t take an Avigilon project down to the cost of a discount system running on a simple NVR appliance or analog DVR, such as those available at warehouse stores.  It is however an excellent opportunity to upgrade a project to one of the industry’s favorite products.

Please note that the Avigilon Price Discount Event does not affect servers, software or the H4 line or the HD Pro line of cameras.  This program is valuable as it represents a major adjustment on the prices of some of the most popular cameras in the surveillance industry.