Cloud-Based Access Control – BluB0x – PSX Cloud Security Week

Cloud-Based Access Control – BluB0x – PSX Cloud Security Week

Meet BluSKY by BluBØX: The AI Cloud-Based Access Control and Security Platform for SMB to Enterprise, now available through PSX

We call BluSKY “cloud-based access control” because card access systems are the central focus of many corporate security programs, presenting an easy on-ramp for people to start the conversation.  When you look under the hood though, you find that BluSKY is like one platform for access and video and more!

BluSKY is the all-in-one platform the industry has been waiting for. The world has been working from the cloud for many years now –  shopping, file sharing, ride hailing, phone systems – all on demand, pay as you go, pay for what you use on any device, anywhere, anytime.  And if you’re ready for that, we are very happy to tell you about our latest offering.

BluBØX was designed using next generation technologies and built to be delivered as a service; Cloud + Mobile + Biometric + Unified + Open + Smart. It is the combination of these 6 key technologies and the unique architecture that provides capabilities that are unachievable by competing legacy systems.

BluSKY Software provides an all-in-one security solutions that integrates:

  • Hardware and Database Management
  • Access Control
  • Integrated locksets, both IP and wireless
  • Alarm Management and Intrusion Detection
  • Video Surveillance
  • Biometrics
  • Elevator Access Control/Destination Dispatch
  • Visitor and Vendor Management
  • Power Management
  • System Health
  • Artificial Intelligence

It’s a simple, powerful and effective security system that provides enterprise-class capabilities to all verticals from SMB to Global customers.

Here are some of the major features and benefits with BluSKY.

Hosted and protected in Microsoft Azure’s multiple datacenters

All communications to and from BluSKY utilize secure connections. Your data is significantly more secure than if it were stored on-premises.

AI Engine to evaluate risks

BluSKY analyzes every aspect of every BluBØX security system and determines if it should notify anyone or automatically control something based upon Analytics, Rules and Intelligence. Security risks can be eliminated immediately.

No client software or apps to install or manage

Access via any browser, no mobile apps or local client software needs to be installed or updated.

Browser-based; works on any device, anywhere, anytime

BluSKY uses Responsive design so the interface adapts automatically to any display size so the user experience and systems capabilities are the same across all devices.

Real-time control, status, and events from everywhere

BluSKY provides simultaneous real-time control, status, and events from anywhere in the world without the need to load or maintain software or establish a VPN Connection.

Unlimited scalability from one device to tens of thousands

Microsoft Azure provides BluSKY with immense processing power for high-level functions such as analytics and artificial intelligence from one installed device to tens of thousands.

On-demand applications and unlimited simultaneous users

Every BluSKY Application is available on demand. There is no limit to the number of simultaneous users for efficiency, collaboration and rapid response.

Superior architecture: cross-system, multi-site, partitioned

The cross-system, multi-site, partitioned database architecture provides enterprise-class capabilities and unlimited scalability. It supports small and medium-sized businesses or the largest multi-facility global enterprises just as effectively.

One unified database, one user experience, one events clock

BluSKY’s unified architecture ensures that all security events are synchronized to the same time clock across all security applications.

DIY Security and Reduced Administration- Management, Reports, Photo-ID, Selfies, and onscreen help

BluSKY’s database allows each tenant to manage their own employee personnel records, building access, visitor pre-registration, photos, badging and reporting all through the internet an without interfacing directly with the local building system hardware.

Power Management and Support Tools

BluSKY provides remote power management and control over system power including, spikes, shorts, battery power, power loss, ac power, power shut down and channel level power control.

Automatic software upgrades

All users run the same version of software that is continuously evolving. No downtime for software installations!

Open RESTful API

Connect to everything.


Eliminate your readers and use your mobile phone as a credential.


For those wanting to migrate from existing card access security solutions, we have the path for you.  Just take a look at how you can upgrade to BluSKY cloud-based access control no matter what situation you’re in.

New System

Door Controllers and your door devices is all you need to connect to BluSKY cloud-based access control


If you already have one of the 20-plus Mercury-based systems and want the advanced capabilities of BluBØX and BluSKY, you can easily upgrade without replacing your hardware.

Casi Picture Perfect or Software House
C-Cure 9000

Preserve your investment in card readers, cabling and enclosures. Converting to BluSKY is roughly half the cost of replacing your CASI system and without significant interruption of service. No software to install or screwdriver to turn, just a software and board only upgrade.


While preserving your investment in card readers and cabling. Converting to BluBØX is two-thirds the cost of replacing your proprietary system with new everything.  Limited interruption of service and no software to install.


Ask your PSX representative for a demo of BluSKY and try before you buy!