Cloud-Based Video Surveillance: BIG NEWS for Cloud Security Week!

Cloud-Based Video Surveillance:  BIG NEWS for Cloud Security Week!

Announcing PSX Cloud Video, a brand new cloud-based video surveillance service suitable for professional security.

PSX Cloud Video is what you might call a VSaaS product, short for “Video Surveillance as a Service”.

Simply put, it’s a cloud-based video surveillance solution, where the cameras on the wall stream video to a remote storage facility.  Featuring a combination of industry-leading IP cameras and variable storage options, local storage servers no longer a requirement for the small and mid-range business user.

PSX Cloud Video is just what we believe cloud-based video surveillance should be.  It is an easily implemented solution to capture and access live video and recorded footage, it makes it very simple to manage multiple locations, and connects to some of our favorite cameras.

  • Local backup option is supported – use the SD storage on the camera
  • Remotely manage key systems
  • Keep an eye on inventory and equipment
  • Easily control employee access and permissions
  • Protect employees and customers
  • Store video recordings securely in the cloud
  • Provide limited access to managers or family members to specific cameras
  • Infrared night vision
  • Capture 24/7 HD recordings with secure remote video streaming accessible from anywhere. 

The Smartest Technology for Your Business

Of course, the industry has been discussing (and trying to launch) cloud-based video surveillance for years, but the offerings have always been lacking.  PSX has never adopted any of them before.  From a distance though, we have seen many providers come and go.

Now there’s something real to offer.  Something other than the retail kits with flimsy cameras and fixed lenses.  PSX is proud to offer a real cloud-based video surveillance system, with real professional cameras selected by our protection professionals.  Get awareness like never before with smarter solutions tailored to support a wide range of small and medium sized businesses, from single properties to multi-location enterprises.

Need a backup plan?  PSX Cloud Video supports the SD backup recording slot on a long list of cameras in case your internet connection drops.

Moving Forward

Next step:  Contact us.  Our protection professionals will survey your property, select cameras, and give you an end-to-end quote for a professionally installed cloud-based video surveillance system.  You don’t need servers.  The camera streams directly to one of our storage systems, where you can review it at any time.

With PSX Cloud Video, you always have the latest version of the software, you’re not paying to update servers, and your business is running smoothly – no matter where you are.  We hope you’re as excited by this prospect as we are.