Cloud Security Week: Vunetrix

Cloud Security Week: Vunetrix

PSX understands the importance of system maintenance, Vunetrix presents a solution that monitors your system to alert you to abnormal activity in your system.

A software tool purposely built for the security professional.

What’s your normal?

In regard to your physical security system, do you know what a normal level of activity is for each camera and supporting hardware device? Do you have a way to make sure your system is functioning as designed and on all cylinders?

A solution that is proactive, cost effective, and has your back when you need it, Vunetrix. By monitoring the physical security network directly (video cameras, motion sensors, servers, network, power, etc.), Vunetrix can alert you of system abnormalities before losing data and bad things happen. By utilizing their hosted or licensed/on premise solution, you have a cost effective proactive approach to security continuity.

Money is spent on physical security, what about spending money on the health of the system?

Physical Security Network Monitoring (PSNM) provides comprehensive, continuous monitoring of the mission critical devices on a physical security network. By capturing and compiling device-generated data, Security professionals can translate that data into actionable business intelligence. PSNM is also designed to create actionable alerts and performance reports. Simply put, PSNM should make the invisible, visible.

What does this really mean?

For PSMN to work well, teams must first understand how the physical security network ought to perform. After establishing the “normal” operating standard, managers can set device thresholds, allowing the system to send warnings about limit breaches or “abnormal” behavior. These alerts provide context or business intelligence about real-time anomalies in the system.

The Result?

Vunetrix alerts you before risks compound and valuable data disappears.

Security and IT professionals agree that a holistic PSNM solution must contain these five operational functions for integrated control.

  1. Provide continuous real-time monitoring
  2. Provide relevant data that can be transformed into answers
  3. Empower Security professionals
  4. Improve security infrastructure management
  5. Provide instant insights

A screenshot of the Vunetrix interface.

What makes Vunetrix different from other physical security monitoring solutions?

Vunetrix is a product agnostic, i.e.: OEM independent.  Regardless of your network device manufacturer or the software you use, the Vunetrix tool will integrate into your system and instantly report meaningful data.  This invaluable information empowers the Certified Vunetrix Integrator to make informed and meaningful decisions when performance anomalies are detected.

Vunetrix gives holistic, real-time visibility into mission-critical security devices in one simple-to-use interface. Imagine the time and money saved when you can monitor and sustain your entire physical security infrastructure through a “single pane of glass.”

Ask a PSX representative how to find your system’s normal with Vunetrix.