Cloud Security Week: S2 Cumulus

Cloud Security Week: S2 Cumulus

It’s PSX Cloud Security Week, and we’re doing a series of posts to help you find the right solution.  S2 Cumulus is the first featured product.  It’s for those clients who are invested in S2’s NetBox solution and looking to start migrating to cloud-based tools. 

This post was written by Tom Dillon of S2 Security.

Get your head in the cloud with S2 Cumulus

It’s clear that the cloud represents an opportunity to provide security services, features and scalability that were impossible before. At S2 Security, we’ve embraced that philosophy with a new cloud-based service, S2 Cumulus.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your systems integrator had all the tools he needed to manage the upkeep of your security system in one place, accessible via the cloud? Cumulus is a cloud-based service for monitoring and administration of S2 access control and video surveillance systems from a single management dashboard. With S2 Cumulus, PSX will be able to provide you with even better, more efficient service.

Tasks like managing licenses and updating software no longer require on-site visits when you ask PSX to use S2 Cumulus for remote administration and monitoring of your S2 systems. With reduced site visits, your maintenance costs over time are lower.

In S2 Cumulus, all of your systems are categorized and displayed with their real-time status, making them easy for your integrator to manage. Your integrator can remotely monitor the health of your S2 systems by gathering periodic system performance data and setting up email or text-based alerts to provide immediate notice of any problems. In other words, you won’t be calling to complain about a problem – your integrator will be working to fix it before you even realize something is wrong.

A preview of S2 Cumulus, available on desktop or mobile.

That’s a great start, but what’s truly distinct about S2 Cumulus is how it will provide even more valuable service offerings over time. As the backbone for providing new cloud-based services to our integrators, our end users and our end users’ employees, Cumulus will enable countless services such as, video stream sharing, remote mustering, notifications to employees, communication with third-party security systems and more.

S2 Cumulus already supports remote monitoring and administration of all major S2 product lines including S2 NetBox access control and event monitoring systems, S2 Global centralized security management systems, S2 NetVR video management systems and the S2 Magic Monitor unified client. Over the course of 2018 and beyond, more features will become available. S2 Security’s product ecosystem and support for third-party products cover virtually any security requirements. With S2 Cumulus, that ecosystem is now easier to manage than ever.

Ask your PSX representative about an S2 Cumulus service plan today.