Code Blue Site a Resource for Emergency Communications

Code Blue Site a Resource for Emergency Communications

New Code Blue Site Positioned as a Resource on Campus Emergency Communications

Site offers white papers and case studies for emergency communications resources.

Managers of public locations like campuses and beaches know they must implement various safety guidelines to protect their visitors, employees, etc,  for their well-being and protection against liability. The Clery Act and the Good Samaritan Doctrine outline some guidelines, but do not state a “universal time frame” for providing “timely warnings.” A timely warning is considered necessary to protect the public, but what is the definition of a timely warning? Security assessments are important to define this in specific locations.

Code Blue Corporation provides emergency communications such as phones, lights, and emergency address speakers that can ensure a location is providing adequate and timely warnings. And now Code Blue has a new website with updated resources like White Papers and Case Studies to help locations implement a timely warning system.

“Code Blue offers a wide range of advanced emergency communication solutions designed to not only provide help at the touch of a button ® , but empower individuals to act quickly and intelligently before, during and after an incident,” Code Blue website.

Code Blue Products
  • Phones
  • Lights
  • Public Address Speakers
  • Mass Notification Software
  • Camera Mounts
  • Sensors
code blue emergency communications

Help Points from Code Blue are available in various styles, are customizable, and can be solar powered.

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