Communication Systems Roundup: Intercom, Emergency Phone & Mass Notification

Communication Systems Roundup:  Intercom, Emergency Phone & Mass Notification

Communication systems for any facility management application


Some clients want only simple door entry intercoms or gate help phones.  Others need mass notification systems for safety and security.  PSX accommodates all of these clients with a broad set of offerings across the product sets of multiple brands and manufacturers.

Each type of communication system, brand, and individual product has its own uses and features.  So this Roundup is to help you decipher what is available for your needs.  If all you need is a voice intercom, Aiphone’s probably what you’re looking for.  If you have multiple locations and needs, and would like to streamline them into one central communication system platform, this list may help.  Please look below and see what you might want to investigate.

The list below has been arranged in alphabetical order by brand name:

Aiphone – Aiphone is the best-known and most-used intercom system provider in the world.  Aiphone intercoms range from two station hardwired voice intercom systems like the LEM up to large multi-station IP video intercom systems with door release, like the IS Series.

Bogen Communications – Bogen is an American manufacturer of paging and intercoms, based in New Jersey.  Their list of products is impressive, including speakers, amplifiers, VoIP gateways, mixers and microphones.  While their intercom product offerings are not as robust as the Aiphone line, Bogen’s line of overhead paging and mass notification equipment is unmatched.

Code Blue – Code Blue is one of the industry’s most respected names in analog and IP emergency phones – or “help points“, as they call them.  Over the last several years, their line has expanded to include the ToolVox system manager, and Blue Alert MNS, for mass notification.  Their phone housings range from small wall mounts to towering poles with blue LED lights and security cameras mounted on top.  Google Maps and Milestone XProtect integration is available.

Zenitel is a Norwegian firm focused on communication systems & safety.  Specifically, intercoms and public address / mass notification solutions.  For the smallest configuration their Turbine intercom can be used in a small 2-16 station “headless” fashion usingPulse.  A larger system of intercoms, phone interfaces, speakers and horns can be built to great size and complexity using their AlphaCom servers.  Many of our readers and clients will be interested in AlphaCom’s integrations with security management and video surveillance applications like Avigilon Control CenterMilestone XProtect and Genetec Security Center.