H.265 Compression White Paper – Hanwha Techwin Video Security

H.265 Compression White Paper – Hanwha Techwin Video Security

Hanwha Techwin, the manufacturer behind the Samsung and WiseNet video surveillance brand names, has released a detailed white paper to help buyers to understand the use of H.265 compression in security applications.  

Analog CCTV and IP network video surveillance transmission and storage systems are finally moving to H.265 compression, after more than half a decade of dominance by the H.264 standard.  Korea’s Hanwha Techwin has been one of the most influential voices in the security industry to advocate the upgrade.

When plans to include H.265 compression in new WiseNet devices was announced to PSX and a ballroom full of other top North American integrators in early 2016, a fairly large array of surveillance industry insiders asked major questions about the strategy.  Was this just a conversation piece?  Didn’t H.264 – a more mature and widely used encoding solution – give users enough bandwidth and storage savings?  Would major VMS providers actually re-code their products in order to support H.265?  Could Hanwha – a newcomer after acquiring Samsung Techwin – really drive such a major change in the marketplace?

Now, at the end of 2016, in addition to Hanwha Techwin’s own line of recorders, buyers can look to major VMS products like Milestone’s XProtect and Genetec’s Omnicast for built-in H.265 support to save on network and storage costs.  They can now better use the multi-core processors in their servers and computers to aid in managing video streams, and they can definitively answer the viability questions that were initially raised about the new format’s place in the market.

The white paper linked below has been released to the public by Hanwha Techwin.  It explains the technical differences between H.264 and H.265 compression, as well as what security video surveillance buyers should expect to see in practical applications.

Hanwha_Techwin_White_Paper_H.265_High_Efficiency_Coding_1_.pdf (850 downloads)

More on Hanwha Techwin is available here.

Hanwha Techwin - makers of Samsung and WiseNet H.265 compression video surveillance products