New H4 Cameras & Avigilon Control Center 5.8 Software

New H4 Cameras & Avigilon Control Center 5.8 Software

Release: From Avigilon

Today we are excited to announce the launch of our new portfolio of H4 cameras, along with the release of Avigilon Control Center (ACC)™ 5.8 software. The H4 camera series furthers our commitment to making the visual actionable and giving your customers the intelligence to act.

H4 Cameras
Our new line of H4 cameras are now available for order.They will be replacing various models of the H3/H3A HD Cameras, Bullets and Domes. Please review the “Avigilon H3 H3A EOL” notice which outlines the Avigilon products that will be discontinued and their recommended replacements.
The H4 Cameras, Bullets and Domes will offer: 

  • High-definition resolutions from 1 MP to 4K Ultra HD
  • (UHD) – 8 MP
  • Self-Learning Video Analytics for accurate object detection and alert for a higher level of protection
    in all models
  • Avigilon’s patented High Definition Stream Management (HDSM)™ 2.0 technology* – Maximum image detail, minimum bandwidth
Additional features include:

  • Bold new design, inside and out, with over 30 new performance and installation enhancements
  • Idle scene mode to reduce bandwidth and storage – more control for reference images
  • LightCatcher™ technology which delivers superior image quality – in color – in low light situations
  • Triple exposure ultra-wide dynamic range (WDR) provides exceptional performance within simultaneous bright and low/light scenes
  • Wifi USB and mobile-friendly Web UI allows the use of a mobile phone or tablet to configure, zoom and focus a camera
  • ONVIF Profile S compliance to facilitate integration with 3rd party VMS

Avigilon Control Center (ACC) 5.8 software

Avigilon Control Center (ACC) 5.8 software fully supports our new line of H4 cameras. ACC 5.8 offers user enhancements for multiple camera export, Rialto™ HDSM Support, system health check, ACC Edge Solution HD™ Recorder support with remote updates and updated Microsoft Windows 10 client support, enabling a user-friendly software for remarkably efficient investigation of video.Get more details about the Avigilon H4 Camera & ACC 5.8 software

  • Download the webinar to learn more about the H4 cameras
  • Visit our website to learn more about the H4 cameras
  • For the recommended H3/H3A replacement products and transitioning information please refer to the Avigilon H3 H3A EOL.
  • Download the latest documentation about the H4 cameras on the Partner Portal
  • For more information on ACC 5.8 software in support for the H4 cameras click here
  • ACC 5.8 software is now available for download from the Avigilon website
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