Solutions for Clients in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical field is filled with unique challenges, completely unseen in other environments.  Positioned at the complex end of the manufacturing industry, pharma security personnel have serious concerns about trade secrets and intellectual property.  Their compliance personnel are saddled with some of the stiffest regulatory burdens in the global economy and must observe them in facilities staffed by thousands of people. PSX specializes in meeting these complex pharmaceutical challenges with proven solutions.

PSX solutions for the pharmaceutical industry include:

  • Anti-tailgate systems that prevent “piggybacking” through controlled doors
  • Globally integrated multi-factor access control systems with anti-passback
  • Elimination of unescorted visitors in sensitive areas through restricted visitor access
  • Anti-diversion surveillance systems for cramped spaces
  • Perimeter controls and crash barriers
This short sample list explains just some of the ideas that PSX has brought to life over the last few decades in the pharmaceutical industry. We’d love to hear what’s challenging you.

We’re happy to answer all of your questions about solutions for the pharmaceutical industry from the earliest stages onward.

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