School Video Surveillance Systems NJ

School Video Surveillance Systems NJ

Download the S2-NetVR Datasheet. Live video tours and on-screen PTZ controls from a single, web-based user interface.

PSX will attend the Tenth Annual NJCUPSA/IACLEA Regional Conference at Resorts Hotel & Casino, Atlantic City, New Jersey March 18th – 20th, 2015. PSX will feature S2 school video surveillance systems and card access, a high-performance solution with real-time video monitoring, live video tours, and single web-based user interfaces for larger, distributed installations. Download the S2 Data Sheet.

S2 Video Surveillance & Card Access

“S2 NetVR 700 incorporates an IP video server, NVR and advanced video forensics, offering tight integration with access control and event monitoring for users of S2 access control products.”

A High Performance Solution

“With support for up to 128 IP cameras and video storage up to 96TB, S2 NetVR 700 is a high performance solution for large security deployments with demanding video surveillance requirements.”

Real-time Video Surveillance

“Real-time video surveillance is integrated into the desktop of the associated S2 NetBox® Extreme or S2 Enterprise® controller, allowing for live video tours and on-screen PTZ controls from a single, web-based user interface. Live video views are also integrated into floor plan graphics. By clicking on an icon in the real-time activity log, users can instantly play back recorded event video and then save it to the case library if needed.”

Single Controllers for Larger Installations

“For larger, distributed installations, multiple S2 NetVR 700s can be tied to a single S2 controller.”

Source: S2 Datasheet