The Denver Spotlight on Amano McGann

The Denver Spotlight on Amano McGann

In Denver, Jeff Becker, Vice President , Amano McGann, presents OPUSeries

October 24 & 25: The PSX / Amano McGann State of the Art Technology Tour, in the newest PSX branch office  – Denver, CO.

Over two days, PSX and a few of our manufacturer partners presented 36 demos to groups ranging from two to twelve attendees at our new office in Denver, Colorado.  PSX is now the exclusive Amano McGann distributor for the state of Colorado, and we sought to give our guests an entertaining, hands on, introduction to our firm and a few of our good friends.

The Denver office was taken over by:

Axis Communications

Axis, inventors of the original network camera, and the preferred brand for several of our guests, set up a live IP video surveillance demonstration to show case the capabilities of their latest security cameras.

Parker Video Intercom

The Parker demo included a trivia game. Questions included who is green and lives in a trashcan; who played the original James Bond?

Parker brings the human touch back to customer service. At the touch of a button, the end user is connected – audio and video – to a live representative.


The latest in in tag and reader technology for vehicle control, Transcore presented new tags and readers.

The warehouse was converted into a fully functional Amano McGann showroom, featuring:


State of the art.  Top of the line.  Featuring intelligent reporting and online validation codes sent via email to your smartphone.


The Sprite Multi-Space Meter comes with AC power or solar power.

The budget friendly line, with a sleek look.

Sprite MSM

The newest Metric multi-space meter – solar or AC power – in a smaller housing.

iParc Professional

The cloud based parking management program with real time status and reporting.

THANK YOU to all of the various professionals that made it out to our event!  We look forward to doing more with you from our newest office.

If you would like to learn more about how these newer ideas would work in your environment, call us today.