PSX is the Featured Amano McGann Dealer in Parking Today

PSX is the Featured Amano McGann Dealer in Parking Today
Parking Today

PSX was featured in the June 2016 issue of Parking today magazine, noted for their long relationships with clients. Download the full article.

June issue features those who design, install and support parking technology

The issue illustrates the nature of the vendor-client relationship.  PSX is the featured Amano McGann dealer, and our partnership with UPMC is cited as an example.

Parking Today’s Special Dealers Section, “Who You Gonna Call,” recognizes parking dealers.  They explain our role in the design, installation and support of major Parking Access and Revenue Control (PARC) Systems. The article points out that card readers, pay stations and fee computers handle thousands of transactions per day for these major clients. Read the Parking Today article here.

Parking Today reached out to PARCS manufacturers and asked for their recommendations of dealers to spotlight.  PSX was the featured Amano McGann dealer, based on our recent Distributor of the Year award.

The article points out that a challenge of the integration business is that while the equipment “works on the factory floor”, installing a complete system is complicated.  Expert support is required.  Some issues reported by patrons are “ghosts”.  Ultimately the vendor and client must become long-term partners.

PT noted PSX’s long relationships with landmark institutions such as Pittsburgh’s UPMC Health System.  “It has tens of thousands of employees…patients, visitors, students, faculty, tenants, vendors and clergy.”

“We take the long view.  It’s a small world.  We do what’s right for our clients, and they reward us with long relationships that keep our business strong.” – Scot MacTaggart, on PSX’s philosophy.

As evidence of the successes that are possible in collaborative parking operations, 2016 marks the 20th anniversary of PSX’s relationship with UPMC.  The magazine highlights some aspects of that partnership.

• More than 100 lanes of gate-controlled parking.
• One central virtualized server cluster for Amano McGann equipment.
• Comingling of older and newer technology. For example, UPMC currently operates ETP, AGP, AMG and OPUS ticket dispensers.
• Tight, well-controlled IT & data security standards.
• A complex, multi-tier validation program.  It manages customer service and minimizes abuse.
• One card.  Photo ID, building access, parking access and payment.  Option for rechargeable debit.
• Custom firmware to support these cards.

Download PDF Download the full article from Parking Today.

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