VIZpin Access Control: Open Doors with Your Phone

VIZpin Access Control: Open Doors with Your Phone

Frequently forgetting your access card?  Looking for a way to open doors with your phone?

VIZpin may just be your answer.

The use of mobile devices in access control systems – especially for credentialing – is a popular topic again.  PSX’s own Scot MacTaggart was recently quoted in a Security Systems News article that acknowledges the growing demand for mobile devices to manage system functions and to allow employees and visitors to open doors and gates using the one thing they never forget – their mobile phone.

A few years ago, near field communication (NFC) was expected to be universally available in mobile phones, and become the backbone of the coming mobile credential market.  That didn’t go exactly as planned…and while the rest of the industry was waiting for Apple and other handset makers to deliver on NFC, Lancaster-based VIZpin made their readers compatible with every Bluetooth-enabled cell phone, including non-smart “feature phones”.

Just like any security product, VIZpin isn’t for everyone, but if you’re interested, a demonstration is a good place to start.

Contact PSX if you’d like to take a demo, either over the web or in person.