Cloud Security Week is Here! You CAN Move Your Physical Security Systems Out!

Cloud Security Week is Here! You CAN Move Your Physical Security Systems Out!

The subject of cloud-based physical security systems seem to be the elephant in the room lately.  Just the thought of a migration gives some people a headache.  But if all your other systems have been moving to the cloud, then let’s talk about this.

PSX is ready for cloud-based security. Right now.

If you want to keep your system on-premise, we understand.  Just make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons.  There are a lot of myths out there, masquerading as fact.  The biggest myth is that cloud-based access control systems or direct-to-the-cloud video solutions are “brand new”.  They aren’t.  We’ll go over that this week, as we release several posts laying out the maturity – in addition to the features – of various cloud based systems.

We get it though.  Security and IT systems groups are not very trusting.  That’s good, actually.  Any background information or live demos you might want are available if you want them.  We know the security department is cautious and protective.  Information technology groups have a similar outlook, keeping out threats no one else understands, and keeping the business running.

Curious what security systems we can move to the cloud?

Video surveillance can be moved.  Given sufficient bandwidth, that’s easy.  We’ll deal with that this week when we feature the CamCloud platform.  It’s unreasonable to say that everyone will benefit from such a move.  Every business is different, every network is different, and you have to run the cost calculations to really know what to do.  But for starters, just know that cloud-based video surveillance is available, and you can have it right now today if you need it.

Access control can also be moved to the cloud.  In fact, there are a few use cases that make cloud-based access control impossible to resist if you happen to own a calculator.  This week, we’ll be talking about BluB0x for totally cloud-based access control, and we’ll also do a feature about S2’s new Cumulus platform, which should be very interesting to our many S2 clients.

Speaking of Cumulus, cloud-based health monitoring and system management are necessities that the security industry has overlooked for far too long.  Uptime, downtime, bandwidth usage, device failures – all of these are available in easy-to-read reports.  Check out our feature on Vunetrix later this week.

So join us this week – and let us know if anything’s not clear.

Following in the tradition of “Cyber Monday”, we’re calling this “Cloud Security Week”.  We will be presenting physical security solutions that follow the trend to the cloud, whether they be wholesale shifts or just supplementary services to the rack-based systems you may choose to keep.  But please realize that these posts are intentionally kept brief for the people that are reading more casually, so…

If something doesn’t make sense, call us.  We’ll connect you with a trained specialist who can clarify the details and help you to select the right solution.  Demonstrations are available too – so if you just want to see it, just ask.