Cybersecurity White Paper: Video Surveillance Devices

Cybersecurity White Paper: Video Surveillance Devices

Hanwha Techwin America, a PSX partner that makes video surveillance cameras and recorders, has prepared a white paper to help buyers and the teams that support them with cybersecurity.

Buyers of physical security software and equipment have been learning a lot about cybersecurity lately.  Some have been directed by their IT security consultants or internal network leadership, and others have had their devices compromised.   One group of compromised devices – which made up the Mirai botnet – brought the entire Internet to its knees just months ago.

However, many security systems buyers and IT support organizations have a problem: they aren’t quite sure what they’re using, or what settings can be adjusted.  They don’t know how to secure their cameras from cybersecurity threats.  This causes problems, even for highly experienced network teams.  At one end of the spectrum, less experienced practitioners may be left exposed.  More savvy users will often employ more general (and typically more expensive) means to eliminate weaknesses.

Hanwha Techwin offers a solution for all of these groups.  The white paper below (linked at the bottom of the page) includes a complete hardening guide for Samsung and WiseNet branded cameras and related devices.  It provides buyers and technicians with a step-by-step path through the various cybersecurity menu options offered on devices made by Hanwha Techwin, as well as any others that have the same options.


Need help executing any of the steps in this white paper?  Have another type of camera, and looking to find how to apply the various measures in this white paper?  It might be time to engage your PSX account manager, and work together to compile a comprehensive plan to secure your network and security devices.

Don’t have a PSX account manager?  Call our main office in the Philadelphia area at 800-562-3286, or find the phone number for your local branch office on the Contact PSX page.

Video Surveillance Cybersecurity White Paper:   Hanwha_Techwin_White_Paper_Cyber_Security.pdf (813 downloads)