Vicon Security: Selecting a School Video Surveillance System

Vicon Security: Selecting a School Video Surveillance System

ViconNetHSWhat features do school systems look for when selecting a video surveillance system?

In recent years, the school security systems market has grown in sophistication. A combination of external events and budgeting changes have put the typical school administrator into the uncomfortable position of having to pick just one system out of hundreds of available technologies.

Vicon Security, a PSX Security Supply Partner whose products are available through the PEPPM Technology Procurement Program, has laid out a clear vision for what they think the modern school’s video surveillance program should include. Here are Vicon’s core program characteristics:

Economical Pricing

Vicon has always rejected the higher-price models that some manufacturers have used over the years. Many innovations that are now considered standard in video management software platforms were first-to-market with Vicon’s award-winning ViconNet platform. Despite their preeminence in innovation, the company has always placed a premium on affordability.

Because Vicon is one of the most robust feature sets available, while still leading the market in the total cost of ownership, Vicon is a favorite product of K-12, higher education, and state correctional clients.

Centralized Management

One of the most notable ways that Vicon demonstrates their commitment to value is how their ViconNet VMS platform manages all devices across an organization. This feature – typically not available at this price point – allows all IP and analog cameras throughout the campus or campuses to be pulled into one or more command centers, regardless of their location. With one program, and one log-in, ViconNet can monitor and record all locations, and restrict each user to see only the views for which they have permission. Moreover, Vicon command center software can be run on common off-the-shelf computer hardware, whether for recording, for client workstations, or for video wall display.

Easy Access for Emergency Personnel

ViconNet is built to support many user types and individual users. Each user type has its own very specific set of permissions, and administrators are able to activate, modify, and delete those permissions as needed. This means that granting surveillance system access to emergency personnel is very easy in a ViconNet environment, and Vicon encourages the use of these features to grant that access.
As a major ViconNet Partner, PSX project teams are trained and ready to work with each of our school system clients to provide all necessary video surveillance access to emergency personnel in the event of a critical incident.



Why would anyone limit how large they can ultimately grow their security surveillance program? The typical answer to that question is cost. With Vicon, the costs are low and the size of the overall CCTV system is virtually unlimited. Distributed architecture allows ViconNet to support an unlimited number of cameras, locations and users with no single point of failure.


Distributed architecture prevents loss of data. Data from cameras is stored throughout a network, rather than on isolated hard drives. If a hard drive crashes, data is still accessible and not lost through the distributed architecture.


ViconNet’s architecture doesn’t just support diverse and redundant recording servers – it is built on the idea that the distribution of recording resources is a key element of a successful security surveillance program. The ViconNet VMS supports RAID5 and RAID6 servers, ViconNet DVRs, workstation PCs, and network-based appliances to offer system designers and owners the maximum in flexibility and redundancy.

Support for a Broad Range of Devices and Features

Vicon, and its IQinVision subsidiary, manufacture a broad range of analog and IP cameras designed to seamlessly integrate into ViconNet, but Vicon has also placed a great deal of importance on their ability to work with industry-standard protocols. ViconNet recorders are made to integrate with all devices with recent ONVIF compliance certification, which includes most major camera manufacturers.

Environmental Fit

MobotixQ24These strong arguments for Vicon Security and their values does not mean that ViconNet is for everyone. The first step is to take a system demonstration and determine if it’s a comfortable fit for you and your environment. PSX represents a number of video surveillance products, and each one was added to our list of offerings to serve clients that were previously underserved.

Next week, we’ll lay out the product values of Avigilon, another brand with an excellent product set. Avigilon appeals to clients who wish to have very high resolution, incorporate license plate recognition, or integrate with a wider array of third party systems. Do not feel pressured to choose a product now. These articles are intended to start the conversation and demonstrate the relative value of each product as you begin evaluating new products for your upcoming project.

Please contact us directly with specific questions or to schedule a needs assessment and system demonstration.