Paid Parking

paid-parking-managementSolutions for the Paid Parking Management Industry

PSX, founded as the Parking Sales – Service Corporation in 1969, has a long and storied history of providing consulting, design, installation and maintenance services to the parking industry’s largest clients, on their most complex integrated systems.

Our paid parking management system experts come from diverse backgrounds, from property management and operations to information technology and construction management.  We take great pride in the quality of our team, our clients, and the work we do together.

PSX offerings to the commercial paid parking management industry include:

  • Industry-leading Amano McGann management reporting
  • Convenient integration of smartphone apps (e.g. Parkmobile, Streetline)
  • A diverse range of gate options for any environment
  • On-street parking with multi-space meters
  • Advanced validation-through-email functionality
  • Level counting and wayfinding
  • Bill recycling payment stations

Considering a technology upgrade?  Moving into a new location?  We would truly appreciate the opportunity to present our ideas and a design proposal for your paid parking management needs.

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