Our parking systems include: revenue management, access control, cash and credit card handling, tokens, gate and barrier points, digital signage.

Anyone can sell you gates, ticket machines and fee computers. PSX designs integrated systems that deliver maximum value and best performance for your site. We take a systems approach for the best solution. Systems integrators take diverse components and make sure that they work together. As systems integrators, PSX looks at the big picture, works with you to determine your needs, and then selects the best products to meet your requirements from our wide selection of manufacturers. This approach often means bringing together components from different suppliers to create a single system. At PSX, we have the experience, product knowledge and expertise necessary to put together a comprehensive, custom solution that works. Our integrated systems approach gives us the ability – and the flexibility – to design and deliver a custom solution that works for you.

We have successfully integrated parking and security systems for a wide range of customers, large and small, with varied requirements, for more than 45 years. Learn more about our industry solutions.