Photo Gallery: PSX Tampa, Florida OPUS Parking Event

Photo Gallery: PSX Tampa, Florida OPUS Parking Event

The PSX and Amano OPUS Road Show visited Tampa, Florida May 11th & 12th, 2016.

PSX Hosts OPUS Road Show at Tampa, Florida’s Bay Harbor

New OPUS equipment on hand for live demos.

The OPUS Road Show, a multi-city debut of Amano McGann’s OPUSolutions, was held at the Bay Harbor in Tampa, Florida May 11 & 12, 2016. The event attracted professionals from throughout Florida for demos of the equipment known as “smart parking.”

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Leveraging the power of the cloud, OPUS provides up-to-the-minute space availability and flexible payment options.

University officials, private parking companies, engineers, architects, municipalities, and other professionals attended private and group demos as well as evening networking events. The event also included demonstrations of security equipment.

PSX, who recently celebrated their 45th anniversary in the Philadelphia region, hosted the event. Attendees were granted a sneak-peek at the new OPUS line of Amano McGann parking technology. Hailed as “the future of parking,” OPUS is a complete parking management ecosystem that features the most advanced hardware, software, and system integration for evolving environments and populations that rely on their cell phones.

Amano McGann describes OPUS as “smart parking” for today’s environment. The technology allows parking management professionals to “attract intelligent parkers with sophisticated solutions.”

Online validations, smartphone integrations, and cloud-based management are just a few of the features driving the wide-demand for OPUS. The system allows professionals to manage their parking with a data-driven system and connect their assets locally, nationally, and globally.

Attendees were pleased with the Road Show demonstrations that walked professionals through every stage of the parking process, from online validations to revenue management. Technicians were also on hand to answer any questions about the equipment and its installation.

The event’s combination of private and group demos, the newest parking technologies, security tools and networking at a relaxed, professional environment was well-received by attendees.

If you missed the Tampa event and would like to schedule a demo, contact Daniel Honyotski at 1-800-562-3286.