Roundup: S2 Magic Monitor Use Cases

Roundup:  S2 Magic Monitor Use Cases

Seen above:  A break room display using S2 Magic Monitor gives emergency evacuation instructions during an active shooter drill.

S2 Security’s “Magic Monitor”:  More than a video surveillance client

It’s common for vendors and end users in the technology field to explain new products using the terminology and familiar context of existing products.  Before cars, we were sold “horseless carriages”.  Before smartphones,”palmtop computers”.

For the moment, the S2 Magic Monitor occupies a similar gap between categories as it launches a new one of its own.  It’s not just a video client.  It offers advanced tools to trigger pre-set views, and can serve digital messaging and signage.  But, some users will call it an “advanced video client” or “display management tool”.  Since there doesn’t seem to be anything exactly like it elsewhere in the market, it hasn’t yet been fully defined.

To help with that, the following use cases are presented.  In all of the cases below, the end user is equipped with S2 Security’s NetBox security management systems platform, and using NetVR video surveillance recorders.

S2 Magic Monitor for Evacuation:  Unlike a video client, Magic Monitor can be left completely unattended to provide benefit to employees and guests.  This capability offers an interesting and differentiated use of S2 Magic Monitor: the sharing of information in the event of an emergency evacuation.  Each display can be manually configured, or show pre-selected content upon input from an alarm system or panic button.

The photo at the top of this post shows how S2 Magic Monitor could be used in an active shooter situation, with a reminder of the company’s run-hide-fight training in the largest pane, surrounded by views of potential exit routes.

S2 Magic Monitor for Command Centers:  In a large campus, there’s a lot to watch over, and it’s easy to lose track of details, such as which cameras to monitor at what time, or what the protocol is when a certain alarm goes off.  The S2 Magic Monitor can immediately call up camera displays based on inputs or hotkeys, and can post step-by-step instructions on-screen notifications for command center staff to improve communications and policy compliance.

S2 Magic Monitor for Security Leadership:  Security managers and their superiors often want to supervise from a distance.  They don’t want to sit in the command center all day, but a camera feed in their office – especially when a situation first begins to unfold – is quite welcome.  With S2 Magic Monitor, a security manager can keep a passive monitor rolling through views 24 x 7, and their Magic Monitor can then receive critical views, fed from the command center operator as a “push” when a critical incident occurs.

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