S2 NetBox Security Management Software Upgrade

S2 NetBox Security Management Software Upgrade

S2 User Panel

S2 NetBox Security Management Software Upgrade

A powerful new upgrade to the S2 NetBox security management system is now available for all customers. Version 4.7 features a complete refresh of the NetBox user interface, now streamlined with more user-friendly one-click icons to reduce the time taken to find common functions.  The one-click system allows users to quickly and efficiently navigate the system, and the overall aesthetic has a cleaner, more modern feel.

The new software requires a fairly recent processor board inside your NetBox central controller, and some clients will need to upgrade the processor board before being able to proceed.  We advise existing S2 users to contact their PSX Account Manager to learn more on how to upgrade their system.


Key Features (Source: S2 Security)

Control-Driven Navigation

  • Easily navigate system using top level and command controls
  • Top level controls include Home, Custom, Monitor, Settings, Administration, Recent and Search

One-Click Access

  • Access key system functionality with one click
  • Immediately view alarms using the Alarm Status button and visit recently viewed pages from the Recent menu

Customizable Menus

  • Define top level controls for individual users, user roles and partitions
  • Create a custom menu for quick access to frequently used controls