Video Surveillance Analytics & Crime Prevention: HD

Video Surveillance Analytics & Crime Prevention: HD

Video Surveillance Analytics & Crime Prevention HD

Video analytics is a term which refers to the automated recognition of patterns in surveillance video. Video analytics are transitioning from analog systems to HD. Many systems in place now are hybrid systems–a combination of HD and traditional analog–as organizations switch over to full HD systems.

Why make the switch to IP and HD?
Analog systems are unreliable and provide inferior evidence. In situations where video is monitored live by staff, security guards are unreliable at interceding in preventing crimes due to distraction; the average human attention span is only around 20 minutes.

Moreover, when analyzing video for evidence, traditional analog video cannot provide the accuracy of HD systems that zoom in for high details in license plate and facial recognition. The high level of accuracy from HD systems greatly aids law enforcement in solving and prosecuting crimes.


Older motion detection systems that used frame differencing are also unreliable. These systems can create numerous false alarms unless the environment is completely sterile and without movement.

HD systems are the industry standard now. Unlike analog systems, HD surveillance systems are now intelligent, adapting and learning their environments through advanced pattern detection, then alerting security to these unusual movements to prevent crimes. The systems also provide unparallelled quality of evidence. At the forefront of this technology is Avigilon; they are widely acclaimed as the leader in HD video surveillance and recently provided video surveillance for the Super Bowl.

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